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On February 3rd the Norwegian Parliament voted to reintroduce lead shots for hunting outside wetlands.

The decision was taken by a consistent majority of 79 votes in favour and 16 against. This is a great success achieved by the Norwegian Associations that lifted a ban that was introduced in 2005 on the basis of political interests and emotional messages addressed to the public opinion rather than on scientific basis.

The Norwegian Hunting Association and the Norway’s Weapons Council worked hardly together to demonstrate that:

  • lead is the most suitable material for hunting ammunition;
  • non-lead ammunition does not work as cleanly and efficiently as lead;
  • non-lead ammunition causes unnecessary suffering to animals and risks to hunters;
  • the potential negative effects on health and the environment of non-lead ammunition have not been studied at all in details;

The Norwegian government will now include the decision taken by Parliament in a regulation that allows hunters to return using lead shots ammunition over non-wetland, starting from the hunting season of the current year.

It is expected that other countries where the undue limitations on the use of lead in ammunition are in force move in the same direction and get the same excellent results obtained in Norway.

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